Dance Instruction with Alison Family Friendly Dance Instruction

Alison has appeared as a special guest instructor at private parties, Girl Scout and Boy Scout activities, youth conferences, wedding receptions, and miscellaneous church and community events.


Alison can help you select your music, and then edit and mix it down to your exact specifications. She can choreograph the entire routine and adapt the level of difficulty to your participants. Assistance is also available to help you with ongoing group instruction, video instruction, venue communication and overall organization.

Types of dances may include...
  • Pioneer Circle Dances
  • Virginia Reel
  • Country Line Dancing
  • Swing Dancing
  • Charleston
  • Hat & Cane / Broadway / Show Tune Routines
  • Latin
  • Disco
  • The Twist, The Pony, & other popular dances of the 60s
  • Hip Hop & Jazz - beginning and advanced
  • Dance Crazes such as the Macarena & Electric Slide
If you like, you can pick a song, and have it specially choreographed just for your event.

All music played, and all choreography taught, is G-rated.

A sound system can be provided if needed, for an additional fee (depending on the equipment required).

Alison can come to your venue, your instruction at Applause Studio in Mill Creek, WA, where she is a co-owner and instructor.

30 min. of instruction $50
60 min. of instruction $100

Specialized new choreography:

Simple $5 for each 15 seconds of recorded music (approx. $40 for 2 min. of choreography)
Intermediate/Advanced $10 for each 15 seconds of recorded music (approx. $80 for 2 min. of choreography)

To book an event, contact Alison at (425) 438-9087, or email