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An A to Z Day


For that very special child in your life. .. A storybook that features them as the star!
You choose the photos that fill each delightful page, taking your youngster on a trip through their very own A to Z Day. They will thrill to see their own face and the faces of those they love, surrounded by colorful illustrations that bring each page to life!

CD contains templates for both boys and girls.

It’s digital scrapbooking made easy!  Just purchase an A to Z Day CD from Young @ Heart LLC for only $15.00.  It has everything you need to make your own books, right at home on your own computer.  (Recommended age of child to be featured is approx. 1 to 5 years.)

We provide all the templates and instructions for making a complete book featuring a little boy or girl.  Our CD guides you through the process of taking and then arranging your own photos on 14 fully illustrated colorful pages.  All you need is a digital camera and a desktop publishing program, (see note below).

You can print the pages at home, or put them on a disc and take them to your nearest copy center.  Options for binding your creation are suggested, and can be customized to suit your budget.

Please respect our nation’s copyright laws, and the rights of those who created this work, Alison Herron & Barbara Arend, by refraining from sharing your legally purchased CD with anyone else.  Purchase of a CD entitles you to make unlimited copies of your own A to Z Day books (to be given as gifts and not sold) featuring children within one family, but does not entitle you to share your CD with others.  Please refer others to Alison Herron of Young @ Heart LLC so that they can purchase their own CD.  Thank you.

NOTE:  To complete this book, you will need a desktop publishing program that knows how to properly handle .PNG files. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic, and is a graphic file in which portions can be transparent, allowing whatever is behind it in the layout to show through. Not all desktop publishing programs properly recognize and handle PNG files.

The instructions on the CD are specific to Microsoft Publisher. However, we have tested the graphics with three other desktop publishing programs:

The Print Shop Essentials v21 - estimated price $19.95

Belltech Small Business Publisher - estimated price $54.95

Art Explosion Publisher Pro - estimated price $99.95

Coming soon from Young @ Heart Children's Books:
  • Mother Nature's Alphabet - A child's view of the hiking trails in the Northwest
  • A Dozen Drooling Dragons - Alphabetical silliness
  • If I Could Be Anything In the World - Another desktop publishing kit that makes your child the star
  • This Little Baby Is Loved - A book for infants and toddlers and their caregivers, with the goal of helping to prevent child abuse.